Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 29 - Sculpt B Done!! (Pant pant sweat sweat)


What a wicked workout! 

I looked at a few of the moves and though "are you shittin me?!?"   You want to know what?? I did em!!!  (Crab special for the win!!)

Now I know why it's sculpt B!! 

Had to giggle with the Fighter Squat Jumps.  I sounded like an elephant trying to do ballet! (Thud!! Thud!!)   Lol   No knee pain and I was able to jump quite well! 

And the girl flirting with Tony killed me hahaha go girl!  (I know he's got a girlfriend but shocked him hahaha). 

I'm beat!  Time for a shower :) 

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