Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 9 - um... Terrific Tuesday?

Okay these titles are killing me! Lol. 

Sweat A and Abs done!  I ended up opening my "H" by another 4 inches and boy did it help!

I have long legs, so I need the wider space. 

I'm very excited for 3 reasons today! 

1. I ran into a good high school friend today on my way to work! It was awesome seeing Laura :D Going to have to catch up with her over coffee

2. My manager decided to order P90 too!! I'm super happy to have someone to talk with about the workouts (and that very handsome Tony!!)  My new manager is probably the coolest person I have worked with, and by both of us doing Beachbody - we can keep each other motivated!! 

3. My hubby decided to join Team Beachbody!! He is interested in the Tai Cheng program, since he has a very physically demanding job, he wants something to help him with relaxation and focus.  I will love to do this program with him :)

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