Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 22 - Saturday Special on a Sunday? Sure!

Since I took my rest day on Friday - I'm playing catch up 

Making some turkey chili for supper (and weekday lunches). Found some delicious Spartan apples for sale at Superstore. 

Doing laundry, then when my little guy gets up from nap - will see if he wants to bundle up and go play in the snow.  -3C, perfect Snow playing temperature :) 

I'm actually looking for some advice - I have lost a lot of inches.  Sadly only an inch each in my arms since I started my overall journey in July. 

I've noticed that the skin/fat is hanging down more (it's not as solid in fat as it was when I first started) yet I can feel the muscle in my arms.    But if I take measurements without indenting the skin on my arm, the inches haven't moved. 

Any suggestions on improving this problem area?  

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