Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 4 - Happy Knees

My knee feels so much better!  I kept it wrapped all day and during my workout. I was able to do everything and only modifying the jacks :D yeah! 

I was sore from my last Sweat A/Ab Ripper session, so this workout really helped loosen my muscles back up.  

If you feel sore after working out and want to skip - don't!!  Working those muscles will help you relieve the pain and you will feel so much better :) Think of it like a new addiction!! 

I had an amazing talk with one of my challengers today who was down in the doldrums.  She had her program but didn't have the drive to go.  I know what it's like - that was me when my coach (friend from high school) talked to me. 

The biggest point I told her was to stop telling yourself "I can't".   When you limit yourself, you believe it.  

So turn it into "I can".  Drop that T!!  

By focusing on the positives, you are opening up so many opportunities for yourself.  Yes you can!!!

 You CAN do it!   

You can find the time (a Beachbody workout is only 2% of an entire day). 

You can ditch the unhealthy foods and find healthy alternatives that you love :) 

You can choose to do whatever you want. 

Once you get the "I Can" into your mind... Then turn it into "I DID" 

You can all do it!  

Stay positive, don't let others get you down.  You are your own person - with your own goals. 

If you believe in yourself, you can do anything!! 

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