Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 1 - What? P90? Yep!

So out the sheer excitement of ordering a new program, I had accidentally ordered the wrong one. 

 I got home from work yesterday, and there was my package sitting on my doorstep in all it's brown cardboard glory. I was thrilled! It's like being a kid running down the stairs on Christmas morning! 

 I took a deep breath, cut the tape and reached into the box... and pulled out P90?! 

 Okay I was a little disappointed at first, the reason why I (thought I had) ordered 10 Minute Trainer was because I could work out in 10 minute increments. I also wanted to be able to test the program so I can yay/nay it for my challengers if they asked for my opinion. 

 So I looked over the book and started getting more excited. This is an amazing 90 day program with a good nutritional book. Instead of getting upset - I jumped for joy! 

 After dinner, and I got the kids settled into bed (hubby included) I threw in the disk and started it up. Everything you need to know is in a 10 minute introductory video with Tony Horton (very handsome guy with a great sense of humor). 

Even after the workout when I felt like dropping, I knew I was going to get along just fine with this trainer (sorry Autumn, I still love ya girl!). There are two options to choose from. You can focus on Sculpting, or Cardio. I do a lot of walking/stair climbing every day - so I chose the sculpting (don't worry, you still get your heart pumping - and not just from Tony's killer smile either). 

 So after my first workout - I was impressed. It's not exactly more difficult than the 21 Day Fix, but the workout is very different. You do 15 - 17 reps of each exercise, no rounds you just plow through. I love how you see the workout prior to actually doing it. 

Like the 21 Day Fix there is a moderator, but the biggest difference is she doesn't jump around as much - other than that, you get a GREAT workout. I shook for about 20 minutes after the workout was done, and I woke up this morning sore sore sore! But "It's a good thing" (Martha Stewart)

As for the Shakeology, I'm waiting until the weekend to try it since I have an stupid stomach that doesn't always like to try new things.  Best to not be stuck on a train on the way to work if my tummy decides to revolt.   Super excited to try them! 

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