Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 3 - Well that was dumb

I really really should have known better. To start slow! Durrr! 

 Well today I'm suffering from a knee injury. I probably shouldn't have been jumping around like I did and really should have started out with the modified moves. But I was just having so much fun!! Well that's what I get. 

 So, my job is to find out WHAT I can do, and how to modify the moves so I'm not doing more damage and still getting my workout in. 

Yes... I know I'm stubborn. 

No... I'll never change. 

 Will let you know tonight after my workout. 

 (ps. Yes I know I should go see a doctor... and I will on the weekend if the pain doesn't go away - I promise!)


Stir Fry anyone?  Yum! 

Okay! So I got my workout in (yay me!) although hubby was paranoid I was going to hurt myself worse (bless him, he knows how damn stubborn I am). 

There was a bit of modfying on my part, but not too much.  Back to Sculpt A again today.  I marched instead of jogging.  Push-ups were done against the wall.  I replaced the running lunges with more squats (lunges hurt, squats don't... Go figure).  Everything else I was able to manage pain free.  

Unless your doctor absolutely forbids it, you can always workout around an injury.   

Now don't let this post scare you!  I have always had knee issues and I am a big girl!!  If you're my size and have old injuries - start on the modified pace! It's there for you to use it!! 

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