Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 13 - Double Down!

So I skipped last night since I had family over, thinking I would just workout on my Sunday rest day to make up for it.

Sculpt A done this afternoon and again I'm feeling stronger, can stretch those resistance bands a little further ;)

Tonight I had salmon, spinach and roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner. Yum!

I figured after putting the little man into bed I would catch up with some Star Trek TNG on Netflix.  Well sure as shoot Netflix wasn't working.


So without even debating it, I pushed back my coffee table, popped in my Saturday Special and hit it!

Phew I'm sweating buckets and feel so much happier. 

Yeah curly hair kinda goes crazy when I workout, but the sweat is still pouring!! 

 I can take my Rest Day tomorrow without getting thrown off (I'm pretty sure the Saturday workout is meant to be the final one before rest day due to the higher intensity of it)

Now I'm going to scout out my snap peas and make some Crispy roasted pea snacks. 

And guess what? Netflix is working again! 


  1. You are very real! I love it!

  2. Thanks!!! I love being able to post honest reviews of programs. It helps people realize that anyone can do this :)
    I'm just a normal person, a busy full time working mom with limited time.