Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 14 - Rest Day #2

Overall I'm feeling great!  It's snowing out again today so I'll be getting some shoveling in :) 

I decided to look back at all of my fitness since I started in July.  

I have no idea how to do tables on here, so bear with me...

Here are my stats for my 21 Day Fix program

Since that point I had surgery and was unable to exercise for  4 weeks. 

After healing - I continued to do some workouts, but was getting a little bored with the routine and had a hard time staying motivated.  I started gaining back a bit of weight due to starting back at work and sitting all day (I'm an administrative assistant). 

When starting P90 I was down another two inches (1" each in the thighs), and weighed 219 lbs. 

Today's stats (two weeks in of P90) 

Weight:    212 lbs
Chest:     38"
R. Arm:    14"
L. Arm:     14"
Waist:     35"
Hips:     46"
R. Thigh:     25"
L. Thigh:     25"

Total Weight Lost:     7lbs 
Total Inches Lost:     5 inches 

Now that I'm back into a work schedule after 5 months off, I find it easier to get in my workouts.  I have started walking up and down the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator.   It really makes a difference! 

I can't wait to check my measurements in another couple of weeks.   It says to check once a month - but I'm impatient lol. 


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