Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day 27 - Adjusting Rest day to your own needs

Although the official rest day is Sunday - I have found since I started this program that Friday's work the best for me. 

Usually end up having company over in one form or another - so easiest to keep my rests for then. 

Last night was a good night.  Had a "cheat" meal of oven baked chicken wings - higher in fat due to all the skin -   But oh so good. 

 I noticed that four wings are good for me (whole). I used to easily chomp down ten.  Yikes - what was I thinking?   Along with a large bowl of salad (light on the dressing) it's a perfect meal. 

People always assume that salads are always the healthiest option, but it also depends on what you put on top.  Many people avoid the creamy dressings due to the higher calories, BUT... If you stick with the suggested serving (1 Tbsp), you're good! 

But Tammy - only 1 tablespoon?? Then there's no flavour!   

Sure there is!  Here's my secret.... I throw my veggies in a large Tupperware container with a sealing lid, measure the amount on top - seal and shake.  Voila! Every piece coated perfectly.  There's nothing I hate more than soggy salad.  

Want more flavour yet?  Add some fresh cracked pepper (not that pre-cracked powdered shit you get , bleh!), a squeeze of lemon or lime, red pepper flakes, a shake of Parmesan cheese (keep it no more than a teaspoon). Bam - tons of flavour. 

Anyway - got my LAST Sculpt A in today! Will do my Saturday Special tomorrow and Level B starts Monday! 

I'm kind of nervous, I ended up turning my ankle last night, so I had to modify a bit tonight.  Hopefully it feels better by tomorrow. 

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